Basement Bedroom Before
This plain dark basement bedroom needed some serious help!
Basement Bedroom Before
Every angle shows just how boring and dark this bedroom was.
Basement Bedroom After
With only a couple of hundred dollars we made a big impact. We refinished some old furniture and found some inexpensive finishes, but the impact was fabulous!
Basement Bedroom After
I love the custom made headboard we added to this creative space.
Before and After Storage
This image shows how a little organizing and creativity can change boring cluttered shelves into sometime fun and exciting!
Girl's Room Before
With a lack of storage and mix of pinks and purples this room needed help to suit the growing young lady who lived there.
Girl's Room Before
Cute when she was four, the 10 year old had really outgrown the motif she chose back then.
Girl's Room After
With increased storage, new paint and a lot of reorganization this room really suits the young lady now.
Girl's Room After
My client's favorite part of her new room was the custom made headboard, which we were able to make for less than $200!
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Deck Before
The bright blue in this deck didn't work with the more neutral colours around it. The table and chairs were much too big to make the space useful.
Deck After
With a smaller table and chairs and more neutral colour scheme this deck has been used more since the renovation than it was in the last five years! The rug and plant stand add a more indoor feel to the space. Plus while my client was painting she received complements from her neighbours on the colour choice!
Boys Room Before
This room only had storage issues!
Boy's Room Before 2
With a small twin bed the little man in this room was going to have his feet dangling off the end of the bed before he finished growing!
Boys Room After
A large double bed replaced the small twin. More gown up bedding in his favorite colour was changed to give the room a playful but more grown up feel.
Boy's Room After
Storage boxes were added to manage some of the clutter. The bed has a storage drawer at the end to store useful items without taking any extra space.
Desk Before
This desk had seen much better days. It couldn't even stand on it's own anymore!
Compost Storage Area
I split the desk in two. I detached the middle drawer from the desk and turned it on it's side to create a compost storage area. A ceramic tile in faux granite was added to make the top easy to clean and leg were added to make it taller. The inside is a great place to store compost bags out of sight, but still easily accessible.
Night Stand
The second half of the desk was turned into a night stand. I added a little colour to make it pop. I was able to salvage one of the drawer pulls from the original and reattach it to keep the art deco feel. Two new art deco inspired drawer pulls were added to the other two drawers.
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Master bedroom after
Adding some extra art and reframing the old art makes sense for this space. The dressers as nightstands and the lighter paint makes the room look wider. Extra bonus the new curtains help keep the light and noise down.
Master bedroom before
The art is so small it looks funny against the big bed, the tall shelves make the room look narrow.
Colour consultation before and after
More of the same house as before, but it looks so much bigger!
Colour Consultation Kitchen and Den
This before and after demonstrates how important the right colour is. I love how my clients art is now more visible with the lighter colour!
Retirement - Seating area before
The beautiful window draws you to this corner, it just needs a place to sit!
Retirement - Seating Area after
We added a rug to this area after the picture was taken to warm up the space some more. The confortable chairs make this a great sitting space.
Retirement - Sleeping Area before
This area was perfect for the single bed my client preferred to sleep in. It is a quiet corner away but still had a view out the window.
Retirement - Sleeping Area after
Keeping her single bed and her usual bedding made this seam more familiar to my client. I love how simple art makes a space complete.
Retirement - Main Wall after
This wall holds many of my clients favorite things like her dresser and beautiful writing desk.
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Master bedroom before

The art is so small it looks funny against the big bed, the tall shelves make the room look narrow.