Why should I hire an interior decorator?

As with any other professional, decorators have education and experience to help them achieve the look that you want. A decorator can help you find the solution that will work best for you, keep you on budget and save you time by sourcing the correct items for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just do design myself? I like watching design shows on TV.

Of course you can do the designs yourself! If you feel that you can manage it please feel free to do so. Just know that real life is not like those TV shows. Most designs that involve heavy renovating take closer to six months than six weeks from start to finish. The TV shows also have crews working almost 24/7 to complete the job. Also the guidance of someone with experience can be invaluable to a novice. (Remember Engineers start as EIT and Doctors start as residents, we all learn from others with more experience.)

Why do colours matter in a room?

Colours make a big difference in a room. Colours affect our mood and state of mind. Ever been in a room that made you angry for no reason? It happens. Colours can also affect the appearance of the size of a room, lighter colours tend to make a room appear larger. For example please refer to the gallery photos of the basement guest room. Even with furniture added to that room it appears bigger than the original.

How long will my design take?

 The length of time to complete the design will depend on a few factors. First the size and use of the room, a bedroom is much easier to design than a kitchen. The second factor is the budget, sometimes a smaller budget might take more time to source the items. The third factor is how busy I am. There could be a small queue of people ahead of you so that will add to the time it will take. For a basic colour and layout I aim for a 48 hour turn around, for more complex designs it could take a week or so. If it will be longer than that I will inform you as soon as possible.

What is the best way to submit my dimensions?

When submitting your dimensions using feet and inches is the best way. If you want to use metric you can, I can do the conversions. You don't need to do anything elaborate, just draw the basic shape of the room on a piece of paper and indicate the measurements on each wall. I will also need to know where any doors and windows are, their height (off the ground and total for windows) and their width. If I don't get that information I may accidentally suggest putting items in a place that might block a door or window and wouldn't give you the room you want. Other things that are helpful are to let me know where any vents, electrical outlets, light switches and cable/internet outlets.

What do others say about you?

Almost everyone I have worked with have liked my designs and find me very easy to work with. I have been told that I have a good sense of space and how to use it. Please visit my Facebook page for more testimonials from my clients.

Do you only do interiors?

I do interiors and exteriors, such as patios and decks. Due to different growing regions and my complete black thumb I would recommend finding a gardening expert to help you with any plants you are thinking of growing. I am happy to help you with layout recommendations and yard decorations.

Do you operate under budgets?

Yes, I work under budgets. It would be great to work in a world where money doesn't matter, but in ours it does, so I will ensure that you will not go over budget on the items I recommend.

I want to impress my friends, but I am useless and making things look nice...can you tell me what to buy?

I will do more than tell you what to buy! I will tell you where to buy it, how much it will cost and I will tell you where your should place the item for maximum impact.

Do you come and do measurements?

If you live in the Calgary area I would be happy to come do measurements for you. If you live outside of Calgary there will be a fee associated with transportation added to your invoice. If you live somewhere that would require a flight for me to measure, you would be responsible for the flight and accommodations. The most cost effective option is to purchase an inexpensive tape measure and do the measurements yourself.